Farm Veggies with Romesco Sauce (and Poached Eggs)

It is the absolutely, hands-down, best brunch to serve, ever! Think about it: a huge pan of fresh, in-season roasted veggies, a ton of poached eggs (or eggs of choice), and a delicious sauce to pour on top. Perfect. Use the left over sauce all through-out the week. Bonus! Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 40 min Total … Continue reading Farm Veggies with Romesco Sauce (and Poached Eggs)


Spicing things up

INFOGRAPHIC GUIDES TO FLAVORING WITH SPICES Spices allow you to be adventurous and creative in your cooking. They add instant flavor, not to mention beautiful colors and aromas. We created the infographics below as your ultimate guide to flavoring with spices and spice blends. They’ll show you some of the most common spices that are … Continue reading Spicing things up

Vanilla-Almond Chia Breakfast Pudding

Once the ultimate energy food for ancient Mayans and Aztecs, chia seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants, omega-3s, calcium and fiber. Plus, they absorb over 10 times their weight in water, which makes them an unlikely hydration source too. In this recipe, chia seeds are soaked in almond milk (see almond milk recipe below!), which … Continue reading Vanilla-Almond Chia Breakfast Pudding

11 Delicious Paleo Recipes To Make In A Slow Cooker

Just because you eat like a caveman doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of modern conveniences. 1. Crock Pot Chicken Pad Thai with Vegetable Noodles Better than take-out. Recipe here. 2. Shredded Beef and Cabbage Bowls with Avocado Salsa Instead of using store-bought mayo (which isn’t usually paleo) for the cabbage slaw, make your own … Continue reading 11 Delicious Paleo Recipes To Make In A Slow Cooker