Periodic Table of Paleo Food Staples

Ready to stock your kitchen with paleo-friendly foods? This list can help you get started.

Periodic-Table-Of-Paleo-Food snap
Switching our pantry and fridge from processed foods to paleo-friendly foods was a daunting task. I searched online for a “grocery list” of staples but came up short. What I did was find recipes I wanted to try and gathered my own list. While it was useful, I would have greatly appreciated a list of items that would be frequently purchased so I could have it on hand. I have compiled a pretty accurate list of what I buy and keep on hand on a regular basis. I wouldn’t suggest you run out and buy every item on this list right away, but it may help you as you’re searching for recipes to get started. And soon, you’ll get the hang of what your family consumes most and what you’ll need to stock on a regular basis.

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