Health Benefits Of Egg Yolk

It seems strange to me how some of the healthiest of foods on earth have been labeled as “deadly”. Especially since these foods have only been “deadly” for about 30 years – yet these foods have actually been healthfully consumed since the beginning of time. Examples are the egg yolk, milk cream and the skin on chicken. I jokingly call these, “nature’s whole food booby traps”. Really though, do you think that nature is going to set booby traps in its most wholesome foods?

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A Complete Food

Think of the egg yolk as the bird’s version of mothers milk. Since there is no chicken milk, the nutrients have to be delivered through the egg yolk. The egg white is just a protective coating consisting of amino acids and some minerals. All of the vitamins and other micronutrients required to develop the young bird lie in the egg yolk. Think about this, every body part and organ system in the chick has to develop and grow from what is inside the egg. This is the biggest indicator that the egg is a complete food and extremely dense with the nutrients we need to support our entire body.

Benefit Brain Health

Choline, known to promote nerve health and even growth as well as promote mood, memory and intelligence, is found in huge quantities within egg yolks. One egg yolk provides almost 100% of the daily value making eggs perhaps the best natural choline source. Additional brain specific nutrients contained are vitamin B6, E, B12, folate, vitamin D and A. Every one of these nutrients are either 100% in the egg yolk only or the vast majority is in the yolk compared with the whites.

egg yolk

Do Egg Yolks Cause Heart Disease?

The same single flawed study that caused the lipid hypothesis is the reason many think that consuming cholesterol will kill you. There is a flaw in this thinking – cholesterol consumed does not actually affect blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is created in the liver and is required for survival so even if the cholesterol you ate was absorbed, it still would not be bad for you. Cholesterol makes up the protective membrane of every cell in your body and is used to heal wounds. Sex hormones such as testosterone are manufactured from cholesterol. It is time to move past the ancient mindset that cholesterol kills. For those having a hard time getting past the idea that dietary cholesterol is bad, this study shows that egg yolk consumption actually improves cholesterol readings.

Eat Quality Eggs Only

Remember that the stress levels of the hens affect the nutrition content in the eggs. A hen stuck in a cage will have high stress levels and will use up extra nutrients dealing with that stress. A pastured hen does not have to deal with high stress levels and, additionally, gets to forage bugs and weeds all day. This makes for an extremely nutritious egg compared to a caged hen that only gets corn and soy meal. Also, grain-fed caged hens accumulate high amounts of inflammatory omega 6 fats and little to no beneficial omega 3 fats. Free range hens consume much less omega 6 and much more omega 3 from the insects and greens. I have free range hens in my backyard and this has spoiled me. I never eat store bought eggs anymore. My hen’s yolks are golden orange due to the antioxidant carotenoids consumed through the weeds. When

you look at even the highest quality store bought eggs, the yolks look almost pale off-white compared to pastured yolks.

Eating Raw Egg Yolks

This is a mental issue for some people but raw egg yolks do bring much more health benefits than cooked. Most people bring up salmonella risks. One study showed that just one in 30,000 eggs has traces of salmonella. This means you could eat a raw egg every day for the rest of your life and statistically never be exposed to salmonella, unless you live well into your 100s. Also, this study was on factory farmed eggs, expect that ratio to be even lower in pastured eggs. Back to the benefits of raw egg yolks.

Another study showed that one raw egg yolk contains about twice as many antioxidants as a big red apple, which is a whole lot. This same study showed that when cooked, the antioxidant level plummeted closer to nil.

Now the number one reason I consume raw egg yolks is because the raw egg yolk contains compounds called transfer factors. These are actually compounds which transfer the immunity of the hen into the developing chick. Miraculously, mammals like us can absorb and utilise the hens immune system when we eat the raw egg yolk! This is the quickest and most powerful way to strengthen your immunity. You are essentially downloading the immune antibodies that are effective against any and every pathogen that the hen ever came into contact with. If the egg yolk is not a superfood, I do not know what is.

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One concern is that you should not eat raw egg whites. These contain an antinutrient called avidin which binds to the B vitamin biotin. If you eat raw egg whites every day, you will become biotin deficient. It is commonly thought that cooking deactivates avidin, and while it does to a degree, it does not completely. This is why I actually do not often eat egg whites. I just throw egg yolks into blender drinks, puddings and raw dessert recipes.


I hope I have provided some insight as to why egg yolks need to be in your diet. They are a complete multivitamin/mineral, a powerful antioxidant and even among the best immune foods. If you do not wish to eat them raw, try cooking them lightly sunny side up and keep the yolk runny. If you do want to try them raw, the best way to hide them is in your blender creations. This is one small step for rewilding man, one big step for rewilding mankind.



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